Dave - english version

“Highland Dave aus dem Hochland” – callname “Dave”

Dt. Ch. (VDH) Dusty aus dem Hochland x Kerry vom Waldecker Land

born 27.02.1999 – ZB-No. 4461

HD-A (free) – CEA/PRA/Kat.-free

CEA-DNA-test (Optigen): Genotyp normal – DNA-TNS normal/clear

MDR1-defect-free – glaucoma-free (gonioscopy 02/2009)

Breed permisson – carrier of Tricolour

BH-A – Agility class 3 – Obedience class 1 (startlicence for class 2)

When we selected Dave at his breeder in 1999 we did´nt know what will come to us.

After consideration for many years whether we would be able to fulfill a Border Collie, we had decided for a “black-and-white one”.

Actually we had also our “conceptions” like “our” Border Collie has to look, i.e. with a beautiful “white blaze” in the face.

As with Chico it was already “love at first sight” for us when we saw Dave, who did´nt look like a typical Border Collie. Apart from a small white mark above the nose he had a dark black face.

Also Dave had decided for us, because he had been the only puppy from the litter, which was always near by us and Chico.

On 01.05.1999 we were allowd to pick him up.

Chico – now already at the middle age – had been run over of Dave`s power.

But this little whirlwind twisted Chico and us – fast like a rocket – around the fingers and/or paw ;-) .

Already at the early puppy age Dave had been eager to learn and understood everything very very fast.

Thus it remains until today. He is a highly motivated Border Collie with an enormous “will-to-please”. Whether it`s agility, herding, obedience, dog dancing, tracking or learning various tricks, Dave gives always 1000 % without losing his head.

When Dave is free from work the most thing he likes is to sit next to you and to cuddle.

To make a long story short, he`s like a Border Collie should be, eager to work and cooperative.

Dave is my “once-in-a-lifetime”-dog :yes: !