Mitch - english version

“Mitchell” – callname “Mitch”

Zoey Sheiridah (NHSB 2382781)  x Liza`s Border Ouzo Red

born 21.01.2006 – ZB-No. BOC 10980

HD-A (free) – ED 0/0 (free) – CEA/PRA/Kat.-free – glaucoma-free (gonioscopy 02/2009)

CEA-DNA-Test (Optigen): genotyp normal – DNA-TNS normal/clear – DNA-CL clear

BAER-test at the age of 6 1/2 weeks and MDR-defect-free

Breed permission – carrier of “red”

german “Begleithundprüfung” – Agility class 3

Although the acquisation of the next border collie was planned for the year 2006, I observed several breeder in the last years. Many of them bred in the meantime a type of border collie which did`nt corresponded with my suggestions :-( .

By coincidence – like actually always if we select our dogs – I discovered the breeder of Mitch while surfing through the “world-wide-web”. Like Dave their dogs represented the “original typ” of a border Collie. Fortunately one of their bitches had been mated to a red-merle male dog a few days ago. Actually I don`t like colour so much, but I had known the relatives of the sire and they had the required properties like a friendly nature and the eagerness for work. So I decided to have a puppy from this mating.

From the first moment we got along very well with the breeder who was also doing agility. Just agility-sportsmen together ;-) .

After the birth of “our” puppy I visited the puppies nearly every weekend. The choice was`nt easy because every puppy had been relevant to humans. In the sixth week I decided for Flash – Mitch`s provisional name at the breeder -.

Since march 2006 this little whirlwind is living with us and after early problems with our “grown-ups” which felt disturbed in their daily habits – the living together works well.

Dave is Mitch`s big idol. Most of the time you can see Mitch in the slipstream of Dave :-) . Although Mitch is teasing our “grandpa” Chico on our daily walkings he`s looking for Chico whose ears and eyes ease up significant. Besides Mitch refuses steady to grow up ;-) . He loves everybody und twist them around his paws ;-) .

With work I started lately because he was very kiddy. But my decision was right. Mitch learns now much more quicker and he`s much more concentrated while working. We´ll see what the future will bring us.

Update 29.03.2013

It`s a long long time ago that I made an update about Mitch`s developement. Time flies :-( .

Mitch`s physique is completed since a few years. Thankfully he has still a slender athletic body and not too much coat ;-) . Mitch looks like a “normal” Border Collie :-) .

Mitch has still a lovely character and is friendly with all 2- and 4-legged ones. He enjoys it very much if a 2-legged one pets him. Then it can easily happen that Mitch gives little kisses ;-) .

Mitch get along very well with other 4-legged ones. So he`s still finding a lot of new friends. Mostly we meet one of his friends on our walks and he can`t get enough of playing with them. I think in this regard Mitch will never grow up ;-) .

Also with Dave Mitch get along very well. Although Dave is 14 years old now Mitch never tried to get Dave`s position. Dave is still Mitch`s idol. Living together is so easy with them.

Work-related Mitch is simply my “rescue-dog” ;-) . It`s unbelievable how often he rescues the runs on agility-competition :-) . Also in Obedience and tricks he`s still a “top-grind”. Again and again I`m amazed how fast he can change from agility to obedience or tricks. And whatever he`s doing he`s still concentrated.

Also in every day life Mitch is very “easy”. As long as there`s no work to do he`s lying in his crate and you don`t notice him. On our walks Mitch doesn`t run around asking for work. He`s a “normal” dog sniffing around. Most of the time Mitch isn`t on a leash because Dave is as a result of his age on the leash. Also in this moments I don`t have to look for him. He`s always with us. On our daily walks it can happen that Mitch is walking next to me without calling him therefore. And it seems that he likes that. If there`s some work to do on our walks Mitch gives always 100 % without cracking up. He`s just as concentrated as at normal training.

Otherwise Mitch is still my “cuddly toy” ;-) . He likes to cuddle and lying next to me on the sofa.

I think I´ve got the rarely fortune to have 2 “Once-in-a-liftetime”-dogs :-) . Mitch is in his way – like Dave in his own way – simply a dog like I could not wish better.

Update 30.01.2009

After Mitch celebrated his 3rd birthday a few days ago, it`s time for a little update concerning the developement of that little guy.

Mitch`s physique has developed very well. He has still a slender athletic body, but meanwhile you can see that he`s a male one. I think he needs a little bit more time to finish completely with his physical developement. But that`s normal for male ones who are predominant out of english lines.

His character is still bright and he loves all 2- and 4-legged ones. While meetings he`s not only wagging his tail, no, the whole dog is wagging ;-)   . 4-legged ones, equal if they`re male oder female ones, are requested to play with him. Nor dogs who don`t play otherwise can`t say “no”. Also 2-legged ones succumb his charms in serial.

Dave is still Mitch`s idol and both get along very well. Furthermore Mitch is taking care of “grandpa” Chico.

Work-related Mitch developed fast-paced in a “top-grind” ;-)   . Sometimes I`m struck that Dave and Mitch are watching privily agility-videos during the night ;-) . Whence he should know so much???

But not only at agility Mitch developed very well. Also in obedience he`s a “grind” ;-) . But we didn`t take part at an official competition because at our first agility-season the main focus has been on agility. We`ll see whenever we will have the time to compete in obedience.

Also tricks Mitch is learning with the aid of the clicker in lightning-speed. Only with a few clicks he combine what is wanted, so that he astonishes me also in that division.

Well, all in all I`m very satiesfied with that young guy and I`m curious about his further developement.
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